About Our Will Writing Services

We can help you write your Will in the Comfort and Privacy of your Home or Office.

We charge a "Fixed Fee" starting from just £145.00 for a Single Will including VAT and any advice or guidance in line with your needs and situation. We provide a discount of 15% for "Mirror Wills".

You can choose a range of Trusts which can either be written into your Will or set up separately in your lifetime. If appropriate, we will advise you on the best use of Trusts and which Trusts will suit your needs.

Trusts are additional to your Will.

Trusts are often written into Wills. While Trusts are not included in the price of a Standard Will, they are an option that should at least be considered by most clients.

While your Will should take account of your dying wishes. Trusts will make sure the right people receive the right gifts at the right time. Trusts can add a high level of protection and control over what you would want to happen to your wealth or valuable assets either in life or when you are no longer here.

We would recommend the use of Trusts if you are concerned about your Home, Savings or other Significant Assets being used to fund;

  • Care Fees
  • Generational Inheritance Tax
  • Sideways Disinheritance caused by Marriage After Death
  • Divorce or Separation of your Children
  • Creditor and Bankruptcy problems of your Children
  • Family Business Succession

Our Will Writing Service is Bespoke. 

We are always happy to discuss your needs over the phone before meeting and provide an indication of price and any information you need to weigh up your options.

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How can we help you write your will and protect your estate?

Discovery Stage

Before we write a Will, or offer any kind of financial protection advice, it is important for us get a good understanding of your current situation. We ask questions about the wishes you have for your Will, your family and financial situation and how your assets are owned i.e. jointly or solely. We discuss any concerns you may have which might relate to the above problems and provide guidance on the best way provide for your family. 

Once we have gathered all the important information and have a good understanding of your priorities, we will then make our recommendations and if appropriate, share some asset protection strategies. Depending on the recommendations we make and your priorities, we will provide a full illustration of any fees involved before any work is agreed. 

Instruction Stage

Depending on the simplicity or complexity of your needs, we will either offer to take instructions in the same meeting or return and take them on a 2nd meeting. Taking Instruction for a Will and any associated services can take between one and two hours and can involve collecting a great deal of information.

While taking instructions for a Will, we will generally ask the following; who you'd want to act as your Executors and/or Trustees, who you'd want to act as Guardians for any children under 18, the details of any gifts or legacies you would  want to include in yourWill (Money Legacies or Physical Legacies, such as Family Heirlooms), any funeral wishes and organ donation requests you have, any exclusions of people you do not want to benefit from your Will and finally how you would like your estate to be distributed and in what shares. We also record full financial details of the Estate and any direct family members and/or your chosen beneficiaries and details of those you intend using as your Witnesses.

Drafting Stage

Once your instructions have been taken and depending on the urgency, we will then produce draft copies of your documents for you to inspect. The idea of providing draft copies is to confirm we have understood your Wishes. It allow you to make any changes required and it also confirms all details are accurate. 

Once we receive confirmation that the documents meet with your approval, we will then produce fully bound documents and send them with instructions on how to get them signed and witnessed, so that the Will is legally valid. We will always offer a supervision service where apropriate. From this point, the signed Will can be returned for checking and if selected, sent for storage. We store all Wills and associated legal documents with The National Will Safe. This is recommended as it makes the documents available on request to the right people at the right time and removes any worry that they may get destroyed or become lost or invalid.

How can we help?

We hope this has given a good insight into how we work and what to expect from our Will Writing Service. We hope to hear from you when you are ready to get started with your Will. In the mean time, if you haven't already done so, why not take a look at our Free Will Guide.

Free - Guide to Writing Your Will

If you have been considering writing your Will for some time but are unsure what to include in it, our Free Will Guide, if you haven't already seen it, will help. It has been written to help people consider all the important aspects before meeting or engaging a Professional Will Writer or Solicitor.