About Our Power of Attorney Service

We can help you set up your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for Property & Affairs and Health & Welfare in the Comfort and Privacy of your Home or Office.

We charge a "Fixed Fee" starting from just £255.00 for a Single LPA, this is including VAT and any advice or guidance in line with your needs and situation. We provide a discount of 15% for "Mirror Arrangements".

Our service gives the option of setting up your LPA's first and then applying to register your LPA at a time to suit you.  It is highly recommended that you choose to register your LPA's as soon as possible as not doing so could cause long delays or problems when, at the time of registration you are no longer able to assist, it could be that you no longer have capacity to correct an error or sign for example.

Once your LPA/s have been correctly signed and witnessed, they are then ready to be registered. At this point we would have guided you through the process of choosing the right Attorney's, the correct legal language with any instructions you may have included and how to make sure they are valid.

You will be free to take care of the application to register your LPA's when you want to or you can call on us again to assist you with this important but fairly lengthy step which on average takes around eight weeks.

The fee we charge for applying to register your LPA's is £140 per case, this includes VAT. It does not include the Office of the Public Guardians (OPG) application fee of £82 per LPA. The OPG Fee is payable on application. Depending on your circumstances, the OPG may grant a "Fee Remission". This can be applied for if you are receiving certain benefits or if your income is below £12,000.

Once registered your LPA's will provide your trusted choice of Attorney's with the legal power to help and assist you with any important decisions which need to be made on your behalf when you are unable to.

We hope this overview has helped you understand what is involved with setting up your Lasting Power of Attorney. If you would like to take the next step with us to either set up and/or register your LPA's or you need more information, please let us know, we'd love to help.

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