Legal Services to protect you from the unexpected

Protect & Prosper are Focused on Your Future. Helping to protect your Legacy, for Generations!

Legal Services to protect you from the unexpected

Protect & Prosper are Focused on Your Future. Helping to protect your Legacy, for Generations!

are you concerned about...

Your Old Will and if it is still valid, or Not Having A Will?

Our Professional Will Writing Service can quickly remove this worry and allow you to get on with living. We can take your instructions by phone or video conferencing and have your new Will delivered to you within days, if it is urgent! We will write a Legally Valid Will and guide you on the correct way to sign it. We will also provide a Free Will Commentary to help you understand what your Will means in "English"! See our Free Will Checking Service.

How much Inheritance Tax would need to be paid and when?

We can help you calculate any Inheritance Tax and help reduce your Inheritance Tax Liability as much as possible. If required, we can show you unique strategies to prevent your family suffering Generational Inheritance Tax.

What would happen to your home if you needed Care?

With more and more people living longer, the chance of ending your years in a Care Home is increasing. As a Home Owner, it has become more important than ever to protect your Legacy for your loved ones, and to make sure you only pay your fair share of Care Fees. Our "Property Protective Trusts" will protect your home or other property and minimise the risk of your assets being used entirely to fund care.

Who would receive your Legacy?

Our Asset Preservation Strategies will provide Peace of Mind during your lifetime that the Right People will receive the Right Money at the Right Time. Trusts can protect your Legacy from the following risks 

  • Sideways Disinheritance (Protecting Children from a Previous Marriage)
  • Care Fees (At Home or Residential Care)
  • Generational Inheritance Tax
  • Marriage After Death (M.A.D.)
  • Creditors & Bankruptcy
  • Divorce & Separation

Trusts can also be used to protect the value of a Family Business and we can ensure the right people take up the reigns when you are no longer around.

We help you retain control over your hard earned wealth.

Who would take care of your affairs, when you can not?

If you ever lost the ability to make decisions for your self, who would you trust to take care of things on your behalf, the Courts or a Trusted Friend, Spouse or Partner? Having a "Registered Lasting Power of Attorney" will help you make this decision while you are fit and well with the right people appointed to assist you before you ever become too ill to do things for your self..

How your family would cope with the cost of a Funeral?

Most people are aware how expensive funerals are getting. The overall cost of dying was reported by SunLife as being over £9400 on average in 2019! The forcast is, the trend will continue. We can help remove the worry and stress of all the arrangements and recommend Funeral Plans which Guarantee to Fix the Price of a Funeral at Todays Price.

The Financial Wellbeing of your Family or a Business

Financial Protection Planning is the "corner stone" of your Future Financial Success. We can recommend the right level of protection unique to your personal or business needs. A Free Consultation will help you consider all of the risks to your family or your business and discover strategies which will safeguard the financial wellbeing of those you care about the most.


Will Writing

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

candle lanterns at night at a vigil relating to will writing at protect and prosper.

Writing a Will is one of the most important financial decisions you can make, Next to this is making sure your Will is legally valid and always up to date.

We can help you provide certainty and peace of mind with our Free Will Checking Service.

Fixed Fee Pricing

Remote Service Offer - 33% Off!

Remote Will Writing Pricing

Single Will - From £97 (Usual Price £145)

Mirror Will - From £145 (Usual Price £217)

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

elderly person clasping a younger adults hand relating to power of attorney at protect and prosper.

Registering your Lasting Power of Attorney well in advance of any disability will give the people you trust the "legal powers" to help when you are unable to help yourself.

We provide a full service from start to finish, including registration of your LPA's.

Fixed Fee Pricing 

Remote Service Offer - 33% Off! 

Remote Will Writing Pricing 

Single LPA - From £245 (Usual Price £365)

Mirror LPA - From £427 (Usual Price £638)

Funeral Plans

Power of Attorney

Living Will (Advance Directive)

couple holding hands behind a coffin reating to prepaid funeral plans at protect and prosper.

A Prepaid Funeral Plan will help remove a lot of the stress and worry while fixing the price of a Funeral at Today's Prices, for the rest of your life.

We work with a panel of high quality Funeral Plan Providers and provide full advice.

Fixed Fee Pricing

Free Standard Will Included! (Value £145)

Remote Application Available

Monthly Plans - From £19.57 PM

Single Payment Plans - From £1644

Living Will (Advance Directive)

Living Will (Advance Directive)

Living Will (Advance Directive)

heart beat picture relating to living will at protect and prosper.

When we write a Will we all know it's purpose is to assist those chosen to act as your Will Executors when we die, in the administration process of our estate.

A Living Will, also known as an Advance Directive on the other hand will assist you when you are alive.

It will assist with any decisions which may need to be made when you are very ill and unable to communicate your healthcare wishes to Professionals or Family

Remote Service Offer - 33% Off! 

Remote Living Will Pricing

Living Will Single - £87 (Usual Price £130)

Living Will Couple - £147 (Usual Price £221)

Tenants in Common

Living Will (Advance Directive)

Probate & Estate Administration

family moving into a new home relating to tenants in common at protect and prosper.

Tenants in Common is a very important tool used in Estate Planning to help "equalise an estate" where property is jointly owned.

Tenants in Common is achieved when the Joint Owners of a Property declare with the use of a "Deed of Severance" that they wish to own an equal share in their property. This declaration is registered with HM Land Registry. 

Once complete, each equal share can be gifting in life or through the individuals Will.

Remote Service Offer - 33% Off!

Remote Tenants in Common Pricing

Mutual - From £120 (Usual Price £180)

Unilateral - From £160 (Usual Price £240)

Probate & Estate Administration

Living Will (Advance Directive)

Probate & Estate Administration

professional man writing on a clipboard relating to probate at protect and prosper.

Protect & Prosper work in Association with Premier Solicitors LLP. Premier Solicitors LLP are a National Full Service Law Firm.

This means we can provide assistance with Probate and Estate Administration.

Premier Solicitors LLP can help with a wide range of Legal Services including Applications or Deputyship and Problem Wills. 

Premier Solicitors provide competitive Fixed Price Services with Protect & Prosper providing a friendly professional contact.

See our Probate Page for more information and answers to FAQ.

Fixed Fee Quotes Available on Request.

Financial Advice

Introducing Eunisure Ltd & AFH Wealth Management

We can introduce our clients requiring financial advice on Insurance, Pensions, Investments and Mortgages to either Eunisure Ltd or AFH Wealth Management Ltd.

The Owner of Protect & Prosper is a Financial Adviser for Eunisure Ltd who are a Brokerage specialising in Insurance & Finance for Individuals, Families and Business Owners. Eunisure Ltd are a sister company of AFH Wealth Management Ltd and Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Click here or the image for full details.

finsncial adviser making calculations relating to financial advice at protect and prosper.

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